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    Publish time 2022-11-24 20:29    

Light source power: LED120W module

Auxiliary light around the lens: 31 0.5WRGB three in one LED

Color disk: a color disk, each color disk is composed of 13 color chips+white light;

Pattern plate: 14 patterns+white circle effect;

Prism: 12+6 prism

Independent atomizing plate+colorful plate

DMX channels: 22 DMX channels

Optical system of lens group, electric focusing, beam angle 2.8 °;

Horizontal 540 °, resolution 8Bit/16Bit;

Vertical 270 °, resolution 8Bit/16Bit;

Overheating protection;

Control mode: DMX512/master slave/automatic;

Display screen: 1.8-inch color screen, which can be displayed vertically/vertically, in both Chinese and English

With RDM function

Protection grade: IP20;

Lamp body size: 29.6cm long × Width 22.4cm × Height 49.5cm