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    Publish time 2022-11-26 12:02    

Solar panel type: polycrystalline 20W 6V

Solar panel size: 450 * 350 * 17

Battery type: lithium iron block power battery

Battery voltage/capacity: 30Ah 3.2V

Type of lamp body: die-casting aluminum+PC

Lamp body size: 240 * 210 * 60

Wire  national standard: standard configuration 5m  1m2

Waterproof grade: IP65

Color temperature: normal white 6500K

Lamp bead type: SMD 2835

Full bright lumen value: 1600LM

Lighting time: 12H 8H 6H

Continuous rainy days: 4-5 days

Controller: MPPT 6V

Control mode: optical time control remote control

Charging time: 5H