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Cutting lights
    Publish time 2023-05-02 10:14    

Model:AK-MH480C  AK-MH600C  AK-MH700C 

Input voltage: AC100-240V,50/60Hz

Amount of power: 480W/600w/700w

Light source: Osram bulbs

Lamp life: 2000 hours

Color temperature: 6500K

Color rendering index: Ra≥85

Power interface: 16A power plug

Signal interface: three-core XLR holder

Control mode: DMX512, RDM

Channel mode: 32 international standard DMX512 channel

Display system: 2.7-inch touch LCD display, English and Chinese display, 180 degrees rotation

Fixed color: 9 colors + white light

Color mixing system: independent CMY color mixing system

Color temperature adjustment: independent CTO 2700-6500K linear adjustment

Prism disk: rotating 3 prisms, can be positive and negative direction

Fixed pattern: 7 fixed gobos + white circle + flowing effect

Rotating pattern: 6 rotating gobos (pluggable) 22.9mm outer diameter, 11mm effective diameter + double white circles

Cutting system: 4 independent cutting pieces, each piece can be individually closed light, can be rotated 120 °

Fogging system: light fogging piece

Scaling system: 2.5 ° ~ 43 ° linear focus

Dimming system: 0-100% linear adjustment 

Strobe system: fast strobe, pulse strobe

Horizontal scanning: 540 ° 

Vertical scanning: 270 ° 

Protection level: IP20

Working environment: 0-45℃

Product appearance: flame retardant, high temperature resistant, folding one-piece light hook